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        The company regards scientific and technical innovation as the momentum of enterprise development, and continuously increases investment for research and development of science and technology. With an understanding to the development trend as well as the techniques of flange and forging industry, together with many years of research and development, the company has accumulated a series of core techniques of ring forging rolling and forged flange. By the end of March 2017, in the 52 items of patents there are 6 patent of invention and 46 patents of utility models. The company has applied for patents to the State Intellectual Property Office for another 21 items of techniques, and the notice of acceptance has been issued.

        An outstanding R&D team is the basis of constant innovation. The company has taken full advantage of the internal and external resources for many years in order to build a reasonably structured R&D team. By the end of March, 2017, there are over 40 staffs in the R&D team, including the front-line technician who grows from the forging enterprise, and engineers rehired from large-sized state-owned factories. They are enriched with technique experience and strong theoretical knowledge. At present, the technical R&D department has been granted as “enterprise technical center of Jiangsu province” by the relevant government department.

        In order to makes great use of the vantage of universities and colleges, the company signed a cooperation agreement with National Southeastern University in April 2010. It is pointed out in the agreement that, an engineering technical center of heavy equipment parts should be established, and the partnership of industry-university research should be strengthened, so as to accelerate the industrialization of university research findings by advantages complementary.

        Through a series of technical storage and innovation arrangement above, the company not only substantially improves its R&D strength and innovation capability, but also seizes the development trends of the market timely and understands the characteristics of customer needs, increasing the profit growth point of future business as a result.



   High and New Technology Enterprise Certificat

       Jiangsu Enterprises' Technology Cente



            A material used in offshore wind power equipment and manufacturing process of workpiece

Patent  Certificate for manufacturing Ultra-Low Temperature Fine Grained High Strength Carbon Steel Flange



  A device used in large wind power of steel

      manufacturing process and its artifacts              

A method of continuous casting on the surface of the

 annular crack repair



Manufacturing process of wunieaohuati stainless steel


Nondestructive testing device for wind power flange end face